We are breeding Hovawarts. The hovawart has origin in Harzen in Germany. It is a very keen guardian of home and family. As the Hovawart loves the family, the dog prefer to have all the members of the family gathered, but can also be alone part of the day.
The Hovawart is a big and very powerfull dog, so it is important, that it is handled firmly, as the dog should never be the dominating member of the family, but the handling shall always be in a kind way, with lots of positive feedback from the owner. We have always emphasised, that the mental state of a dog is the most important side of breeding. Therefore all our dogs, and their mates have passed a mentality test, where the important characteristics of the dogs mind are discribed. That is one part of the demands that shall be met to receive the Danish Hovawart Klub's breeding certificate. Also all our puppies will be tested in order to be able to pass on a "user's guide" to the new owners.

This is were we live. We have a fence around part of the wood, so the dogs can run freely.

our dogs

An old picture from 1997. To the left is Gejsinglund's Tille, 
to the right Gejsinglund's Mister and the  blond bitch behind
 them is their mother Cille (I. Madsen). Tille is still going strong.

We are very aware of, that the puppies shall be familiar with the odd species walking on only to legs, and have as much experience with the strange things going on in the world around them before they are handed over to their new owners. As mentioned above we also will test the puppies. In their eigth week, just before they are old enough to leave their mother the test is performed. In that way we will have an indication of where their strong sides are, and not to forget where it is important to support and help the puppies to be happy and well balanced dogs.

Cille - our first Hovawart

Cille was the mother of 30 puppies: 
1. breed (M-breed) from December 20. 1993 with 9 puppies
2. breed (S-breed) from July 23. 1995 with 10 puppies
3. breed (T-breed) from August 11. 1996 with 11 puppies